A wedding from the fairy tales

After last week’s office inauguration, this weekend we were honoured to co-work with the amazing team of Budapest Wedding.

Do you know where? In the Kerengő of the Vajdahunyad Castle.

We were part of a wedding inspired by fairy tales, dreamt by Szilvia Gyenes. Her full set design took us back to the age of castles, princesses and princes. That World is connected to tales and romance which were in perfect harmony with the amazing dress of the bride, the venue, the decoration, and music – played by the Vegas Show Band – not forgetting about the marvellous desserts by Marangona. Obviously, we also fitted perfectly this enchanted World with our compositions both by providing high quality ingredients and an exceptional and unique atmosphere of the catering services.

The arriving guests were welcomed with sparkling wine and we didn’t forget about the smallest ones either. They got freshly squeezed juices and homemade raspberry lemonade. When people entered to the Kerengő, I heared amused ’wow’-s. And to be honest, myself I was thinking the same at my arrival. The same happened, when after the moving ceremony we served our Canapés.

The plated dinner was just in the same way. First we served gazpacho, later on salmon and rib-eye and also as an alternative cod. At midnight, there was a mini lángos passed around, caprese sandwich and apple strudel.

Well… I think every bride is dreaming about such a magical wedding. We wish lots of happiness to the beautiful couple and such an exciting life as their wedding day was!