Birthday party after wedding

Almost a week after David's and Gabi's wedding in the fabulous Tuscanian style mansion of Sorg's villa, recently, we were lucky enough to be there on his birthday party. It seems to me that karma is always good to us, because this time we found ourselves in a Harry Potter type of small-town British villa. The weather was very "English" as well. At the beginning we planned to have dinner in the garden and finally we had to move into the stained glass winter garden to prevent the guests from getting wet by summer showers.

Arriving to the main gate, an old renewed villa stands in front of you with its carefully maintained garden and makes you wonder by their wonderful panorama in the backyard, together with a romantic pool. Do you need a more idyllic, intimate and friendly birthday celebration? I don't really think so...

I went upstairs to see the inside as well as I am interested in interior design to look around. That's what I needed. I walked with my bag, as I wanted to take some pictures immediately and found this little wizard villa so catching, that I had to look at everything in details. Entering the door, a semicircular lattice ladder was welcoming me. I had to rush to the washroom, but it was also nicely designed with an antique touch. It was like being in a private home ...

As I continued my "exploration trip", I arrived to the kitchen assigned to us, where I greeted my colleagues, looked at the room, which was simply wonderful. Impressive. The wood-covered walls were breathtaking, just like the antique look-alike cooking stoves. In the kitchen we found everything we needed, it was so well equipped. As I walked around, I saw that the wood cover is perfect everywhere, there is no scratch on it. It's good to see that everyone likes quality. I continued my way towards the other side of the villa, which was captivating. There was a piano, a fireplace, a vibrant, conversational corner swinging in a vibrant, soothing color, and what even more impressive was for me, a Moroccan style table. I was so glad to see this because I've been looking for a similar one for years. But now I see it is not impossible!

The guests were out in the back terrace during this time and were having tasty canapes before the birthday dinner. There was silence, the atmosphere was calm, it was peaceful. I seemed to calm down after the whole daily rush, but I had a program as well. However, my dear friend was so flexible that he came to see how we work. I showed him around and spent our time in the garden, at the pool and both of us came to the conclusion that the Brody Villa is an idyllic place.

Right then, we started serving the main courses so I went inside and there, even among the guests, exactly the same intimate and friendly atmosphere was in the air, what I experienced outside in the garden. Serving this time was more of a homely, friendly approach. Falko explained the guests about the main courses and the way we make them.

Leaving the Brody Villa, this internal peace and happiness were already inside me, and the idea that David and Gabi's life are as clean and relaxed as they were at their wedding and also on the birthday took me to conclude, that probably everyone is striving for this spiritual balance, so it was great to see them again. And I hope not for the last time.

David, we wish you many happy birthdays, where your dear friends and wonderful family are around you!