Sunset, Budapest, Wedding

In the last couple of days I was thinking where would I hold my wedding when I get married. By now, I had the clear idea, that it would be at lake Balaton, with a barbecue party. Looks like this beief of mine is changing every week. On Saturday we provided our catering services on a stunning wedding, again organized by Budapest Wedding on the Savoy terrace of the Buda Castle. This wedding was special to me, because they are a "mixed couple" - coming from different countries - as my parents are. 

We were expecting the guests again with canapés, next to the amazing view of Pest, serving as an impressive background. The arriving guests were not really keen on finding their places at the tables - which again were selected carefully by the professional team of - and they were rather wondering in the incredible location and enjoying the outstanding canapés selected by the couple. Well, I can truly understand them. It was a fine and exceptional selection custome-made for them, not to mention the view of our lovely capital where the sun painted the sky in different shades of red and purple which was perfectly matching with the flower decoration of Arioso and Viola Violetta. Fortunately the bridesman took care of the guests finding their places quick, as his programs were not only entertaining, but diverse, that we barely could follow. There was a fantastic band playing pop music, a solo singer, even the groom's sister sang a touching song to them which used to be sang by their great-grandfather when they were children. By this time, we already served the caprese salad, the rabbit terrine and the rib-eye. There were even some, who started to dance before we served the lemon tart and the children were also gone from their table. However, the midnight mini-burgers called everybody back to their place and they got silent for some minutes, when we still served some dishes, but the midnight mini-burgers calmed everybody for some minutes followed by some other dishes, but the fresh fruity mascarpone crowned this magical summer evening.

Of course, the most likeable was the modesty of the young couple. The special oriental scents, the fabulous panorama of Budapest, the unusual oriental melodies and the loose, yet exclusive, wedding celebration what we had the opportunity to spend together on this hot summer day with Hannah and Bassel, provided a beautiful and unforgettable memory for all of us, on one of the most important days of their lives. We wish them much happiness and many returns to our mesmerizing capital!