Why is it important to recognize your clients

Planning an important get-together for your friends or family or you just need to organize a corporate network event for your company. What is the goal of hosting an event? You are inviting for a reason. As simple as it is you want to ensure that your invitees have a great time and leaving your event with a good impression of your hospitality. Because you want them to come back next time or you want them to buy your product. 

Which points come first in your mind when we talk about hospitality. As a client, I am looking for recognition, I don't want to be just one of the group members. To acknowledge each person, you have easy steps to make everybody comfortable. Upon arrival, your guest will register at your welcome desk, wish them a pleasant stay and salute them by their names. This personal touch makes your guest feel special since you have memorized their name and even in that short moment your client will carry this unusual small touch home with a positive impression.

As the next step as an arriving guest just having passed the welcome desk, we need to build the connecting bridge or so-called let's break the Ice. By a friendly smiling waitress/waiter offering you a well-chilled glass of sparkling wine. Don't forget your clients will never complain about that your champagne was warm because it was standing on the buffet counter for 20 minutes. But for your guest, the decision is made internally and everything that comes after won't make up the first impression of the catering service.


While walking around the guest area I am approached by a service employee offering me some great food and what a surprise, this waiter looks well groomed, so I do enjoy my food as the eye candy made me feel good. Our visual impact is giving you an exceptional impact and impression on how we react and decide. We can serve the tastiest and well-decorated food if it is served unprofessionally it won't taste good and all efforts from your chef have just been drained. It is a shame as food preparation and ideas of how to put great food together takes a lot of time and everything can be destroyed with just one wrong approach. I am curious of course and would like to know what this catering crew is offering. Well, there is some easy solution for putting out printed labels but please don't ask me because nobody told me what I am serving. Hold on, serving great food should be very much recognized on the service side and be rather individually explained to your client. Yes, this is more difficult to train and make servers more uncertain, however, there is always a goal to reach and with several pieces of training, everything can be learned and taught.


How would you feel if somebody points you on the printed label or in reverse if somebody looks in your eyes and tell you by word with a smile what we are serving tonight. What are your thoughts on this topic? We are interested in your opinion so please share your thoughts with us and write to our CEO under falko@terracatering.hu