Flying Buffet

The Flying Buffet is the driving engine for your business success


What is the Concept

Moving away from traditional Buffet setting to modern and contemporary event service. The Flying Buffet offers freshly prepared food served in hand size porcelain and passed around throughout the meal period.


What is the advantage

The dishes are freshly prepared plate by plate as individual portions so you will feel the maximum of flavors without losing the characteristics and the appeal of the dish.


Challenges of a Classic Buffet towards your clients

Imagine having an important client Network event and your guests would like to leave the table to reach the Buffet counter. The First problem is that your guests feel intimidated to leave the conversation since you invited them. Secondly, once you left the table you may queue at the Buffet table until reaching the food selection. Thirdly, food may be overcooked and various guests already consumed from the same item. Later you return to your table and  realize that the place has been taken by somebody else, so you have to walk around with your food plate and find another point to consume. These points may not be raised or mentioned by your guest but it leaves an uncomfortable atmosphere which does not help your business network to develop.


Advantages of the Flying Buffet towards your clients

As Host you can fully concentrate on your clients Network and focus on deeper conversations. The Flying Buffet will be constantly tray-passed without interrupting your discussions. Further beverages and cleaning of used plates are always present. The flavors and the presentation of the dishes will leave a WOW factor to your guests and increase naturally the conversation platform. As Host you will receive various compliments about the Catering Services which will generate positive feedback for your company as guests have been well-treated and looked after. Clients will showcase a higher interest and are more open to make new business deals with your company.


Gourmet Food an Explosion of colors and Quality

In addition the food is presented in a delicious and very appetizing way. Food ingredients are sourced from the best suppliers such as local and organic producers. The Hot Food is freshly cooked at the venue and served crisp from the grill directly to your table. Imagine to consume a mouthwatering sous vide prepared duck breast cooked to the perfect point, tender, juicy and hot when you taste it, served with colorful vegetables and raspberry sauce. The Flying Buffet is a gourmet treat for quality events. Enjoy from now on real and freshly prepared Gourmet food on your catering events.



Every dish has its own container which supports the visual impact and preserves all flavors of the dish. Enjoy a wide range of exciting glass or porcelain containers which are constantly changing within your meal period. Every presented dish is a new highlight for your clients and raise the full attention and interest of the next course. The trays used to serve are made from pure walnut and supports the overall high-level experience for your event.


Food Waste

Another advantage which moves very much in the focus in the Events Industry is the Food waste. Having the Flying Buffet will ensure not to have any leftover food as everything is prepared based on the number of attending guests.