The enchanted castle and the young couple

Do you remember when your parents used to read you good night tales? And how did you imagine the world of fairy tales? They were sure full of butterflies, many flowers, sprawling forests in different shades of green, and lush vegetation. True? On Friday we were lucky enough to get into a fairy tale dreamt by Gabi (the bride), which brought me back my childhood and could live it again thanks to her, together with them on one of the most beautiful days of their lives.
I arrived late because I had a lot of work in the office, and I had to pick up the strudels. It was an average rush Friday. When I left, my tights torn, there was a huge traffic jam in the city and the strudels were not ready by the time I asked them. I arrived after 6 o'clock. I did not want to stay long, just to look at the venue and get home, to take a shower, have a good book and  relax after a busy week. On the cobblestones, my new shoes' heel was jammed, the skin was damaged and it broke. I became mad. I thought I'd drop the strudels, will say hi to my colleagues and go home. But... I didn't.
The venue was the Amber Bride villa in Leányfalu. I went up on the stairs of the old stone staircase of the villa, and suddenly I saw paper butterflies and millions of tiny little white flower buds hanging from the trees made by the amazing team of Edina's Paper. I was astonished, I slowed down, but still carried on, I did not have the feeling to watch it for long. At the top of the stairs which were covered by moss, giant paper flowers were standing behind a tree covered tunnel, at the end of which was a wall rising high. From this stone wall, flowers and paper decorations were hanging like waterfall. That was the time, when the magic of the venue started to catch me. I've started to leave behind reality somewhere in another dimension the noise of the city and the every-day rush. On the two sides of the "waterfall", a stairway let me to see the villa. The villa which looked like an enchanted house. Entering into a fairy castle built of thick stone walls, cooler air and the smell of old carpets and furniture smashed me. I went up on the old wooden stairs with wooden railing. And yes, the stairs whirled. At this point I went very slow, I was staring at the small details and admiring Attila Németh's amazing flower creations - and at the end of the party I asked for one bouquet because I not only wanted, but I felt like taking home a piece of this wonderland. I thought this couldn't be any better. I thought that Budapest Wedding and Gabi did their best to take you out from reality but I was wrong. I felt like a little princess who stopped and stared at every novelty. I decided to go to the backyard, avoiding the celebrating crowd to sit down, and then go around again and take some pictures. As I reached the backyard, I thought I was just dreaming. My first thought was - I know, I know, you think, "You're telling me this again?" - that if I get married I would definitely want it here! This time, for sure! Walls, towers, cobblestone inner courtyard, tiny little windows, venue surrounded by trees, all in an idyllic small valley in the forest. Nothing could be more wonderful - i told myself - then I saw Gabi's breath-taking wedding dress. When she appeared with David (the groom) for a quick photo shoot in the inner courtyard, I just thought I would like to have that dress. But who would not dream about such a dress when she was playing to get married at the age of five at the back of the garden? An off-white tull dress, tiny, colored embroidered flowers, and beside all this, high heels with butterfly wings on the back. Of course, teir little baby girl Jasmine was wearing similar baby shoes with the same wings.
And here I have to mention our part as well, because this enchanted world works only if one has a job, doesn't it? I admit, it was difficult to think about it as a "job" in this environment. Especially because not only that I was as happy as the young couple, but with some of the guests, we were into long, meaningful conversations which made me feel even more part of this mesmerizing celebration. The dinner was in this inner courtyard, which was served on beautiful tables, with bronze cutlery and crystal glasses. At the center of each table there was placed a flower bouquet, under a glass bead Attila created. This was exactly like the one we saw in Walt Disney's The Beauty and the Beast, which kept the rose safe. As the flower bouquets were breathing under the bulb, the inner part of the glass steamed up a little, bringing up an even more dreadful atmosphere. We make this world complete with our bohemian dinners, the nacre caviar spoons, on which we served our canapes, the special plates we served Rib eye on - what was consumed as our main course - and our heart-shaped lemon dessert, made Gabi's and Dávid's fairy tale wedding day truly special and perfect. It was all like the ball of the fauns in a fairy-tale forest.
I like weddings. Those who know me also know that I like to go to weddings, but now it's wonderful to be on the other side. So far, it was my hobby to "troll" these events with funny things sometimes - but never with bad intension or destructively. I cannot wait to be part again of such a miracle.
In event organization, such as weddings, if anything goes wrong, you need to find a solution at a glance. And that's always the case, in "real life" as well. As there are always problems in life, so may also happen on an event. But if you're facing them constructively, with affection and good will everything goes smoothly. I wish this to be exactly like this also regarding the marriage of Gabi and David. If any problems happen in their life, I know they will solve them quickly and they will look back on it with satisfaction, just as David said in his greeting speech.
In addition, we would like to wish that your life would be such as a fairy tale as their wedding was. Full of joy and happiness exactly like this hot summer afternoon!