Terra Catering is extremely passionate about staging culinary events at the highest level.
We offer innovative service concepts for corporate partners, 
and creative ideas for weddings and social parties.

Full Service Catering

Our full-service catering team is led by experienced professionals
with exceptionally high standards in quality and creativity. We guide you from the planning process
to the opening of your event with integrity and strength.

Venue options

Exclusive rentals and hidden event spaces

Terra Catering offers a huge range of incredible buildings that span just about every architectural era, style and size.

We are striving constantly to renew our A-list category and offering you surprising new options in Budapest. We can make suggestions and guide you through the process of choosing your venue.

Hungary is in fast development in terms of architecture and delivers constantly new options on the local market.

Event Venues, Locations, Budapest, Hungary

Flower Decoration

A must have for any excusive event

Beautiful flowers have the power to bring any environment to life. From lavish tropical displays for high profile product launches to bold, vibrant table-centers for award ceremonies, through to ethereal floating flowers for a press launch and exquisite old-fashioned bouquets, buttonholes, and centerpieces for a vintage-inspired wedding.

Terra Catering’s sophisticated and personal approach to providing bespoke floristry offers a touch of decadence for any event.

Flowers, Decoration, Weddings

Event Styling

Design Concepts developed for your needs

Terra Catering listens to our clients carefully to ensure that we fully understand their aims, ideas and, in the case of our corporate clients, their all-important brand identity.

Terra Catering has hand-picked a selection of industry leaders to provide every possible event detail and styling concept you can dream of. These can be organized on your behalf by our experienced planners giving you just one point of contact for your event.

Our staff is always impeccably presented and they can be styled to complement any particular theme or event concept.

Decoration, Flowers, Event Styling

Audiovisual, Lightning, Sound

The important wow effect at your events

Terra Catering understands how the ambiance of an event can be profoundly influenced by lighting, sound, and visuals.

We believe that investing some time to create the perfect backdrop for an event, whether this involves introducing a subtle change to complement a space or creating a complete transformation, is unequivocally time well spent.

Our expert technicians and those of our partners boast a wide range of skillsets and have acquired first-hand knowledge of the challenges and intricate complexities of working within a vast array of venues for a variety of live environments. They are at the forefront of technological innovation and can bring any concept to life with style.

Audiovisual, Light, Sound, Technic for Events


Terra Catering offers the most unique and best performers of Hungary

From cutting-edge DJs to ingenious comedians, cunning magicians to mind-blowing musicians, artistic acrobats to eloquent speakers, improvisational actors to promotional gurus, dizzying dancers to sublime string quartets; Terra Catering finds the very best in the business.

It is thrilling to orchestrate interactive events where guests can participate in activities such as team-building exercises, photo-booths, games and casino environments.

Entertainment, Music and Performance

Photo and Videographer

Capture important moments professionally

Our accomplished photographers and videographers are highly proficient in the delicate art of capturing mesmerizing shots whilst melting into the background.

Whether our client wants to commission a personal collection of photographs of their special occasion for posterity, obtain dynamic shots of a corporate communication event for their marketing and PR campaign, or simply wishes to acquire a detailed record of their event, our polished photographers and videographers promptly deliver outstanding results to satisfy any brief.

Photo and Videographer for Weddings

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