Corporate Events

Terra Catering offers the leading First-Class Event Experience for Corporate Clients.

Corporate Events

by Terra Catering

Tailormade Business Solutions

Terra Catering offers a wide range of know-how when it comes to corporate styling. Let it be Receptions, dinners, press days, shop openings, automotive or fashion events. Our design team has the right creativity to adapt to your brand identity which is a clear reflection of your target audience.

Corporate Events by Terra Catering



Understand your requirements

Our services are transparent to our clients, being clear about budget and costs. Working together with you achieving the best impact on your event while meeting your financial goals.

Terra Catering guarantees maximum flexibility and constant availability. We understand the fast living business life and support your decision at your available time. Let it be weekends or Bank Holiday's the Team of Terra Catering awaits you anytime.

Event Planning and Service

Venues and Service

Constantly finding new event spaces and adapting to your environement

We recommend a range of popular venues designed for corporate needs. Our team will visit them with you while sharing our knowledge and experience to make your decision as easy as possible.

Terra Catering is striving constantly to get the latest trends in terms of event spaces. We are maximizing our limits and creating the most unexpected spaces which you have not thought of.

Our Catering Equipment is designed to offer you the highest quality on fine dining level at any proposed event space.

Catering Outdoor Kitchen



Full Service Planning out of one hand

Terra Catering has strong expertise and skills when it comes to Event Planning. Giving you only one point of contact from the organization until the execution of your event.

We offer you a complete guide over venue research, furniture, audiovisual, event design and decoration such as transportation and guidance.

Terra Catering's Event Team works with a listening ear and solution finding expertise. Being available any time you need us.

Event Organization

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