Corporate Events

Terra Catering offers the leading First-Class Event Experience for Corporate Clients.

Corporate Events

by Terra Catering

Tailor-made Business Solutions

Whether it's a reception, a plated dinner, or a press conference, Terra Catering is an international expert on premium corporate events. For our creative design team, your company is the focus of the event. Our goal is to organize and deliver a sophisticated event that not only brings you new business but also provides a lifetime experience.

Corporate Events by Terra Catering



Understanding your requirements

Terra Catering places a high priority on transparent cost management to ensure that it is a joint effort of both parties to feel good and in full agreement. We will negotiate with you a clear and understandable price for the services provided, exactly as you have requested, taking into account your capabilities.

It is essential for Terra Catering to be at your customers' disposal at any time and with the utmost flexibility.

We are here for you.

Event Planning and Service

Venues and Service

Constantly finding new event spaces and adapting to your environment

Terra Catering is constantly working with the most exclusive locations in and around Budapest to make sure your event stays unforgettable.

We do not have to choose the usual venues, because we fulfill every unique request. We believe that every event deserves its unique design and feel.

Our staff is flexible about the location you choose, and we provide all the services you need wherever you need it.

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Full Service Planning out of one hand

Terra catering is not only a premium catering provider but also a complete event organizer and executive company.

From the very beginning of planning, we always work to realize your vision. Be it an entertainment show, the decor or the menu.

Our internationally experienced colleagues are prepared for everything, so there can be no requests or problems that we cannot solve.

Event Organization

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