Exclusive Dinner Cruises with your own Yacht and a truth gourmet treat by Terra Catering.

The Boat

An exclusive small motor yacht for up to 12 guests

In collaboration with our partnerships, we offer a real luxury dinner to share a wonderful view of Budapest. Sharing the breathtaking view of the city and the Danube river with your guests will create lifelong memories. When you book this special evening, we guarantee that you will become a real shipowner for that day.

Our partner yachts are set up throughout the year. With their open and covered decks, you can enjoy a proper dinner and a wonderful view in full comfort in the cold winter also. In summer, you can bath in the sun on the open decks.

Discover Budapest

cruising along the most impressive buildings along the danube banks

A hidden and refined style of cruising that offers you personalized tours to the UNESCO heritage glams of Budapest. Dive into unforgettable moments and being breathless by the beauty of this city.

We are fully committed to the planning of the at least 2 hours long yacht trip seasoned with a luxury dinner. The Terra Catering team also pays special attention to other yacht accessories. In addition to the decoration at our event, the menu and service will be guaranteed to be personalized.

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