We start with listening to your dream

Your Heartbeat goes up...

Moment of your dream

The moment you have been dreaming of since you were a child.

Do you remember the day when your partner proposed to you?
Perhaps it was funny or creative, and you have a fond memory of it.
But do you remember how you felt?

We want to capture your emotions of this moment and
carry them over to a never seen before wedding.

My name is Julia Kovacs the Event and Wedding Planner
I am your personal partner in crime to realize your dreams.

Call me up I am curious about your story....

Wedding Couple in Budapest

Pure Feelings...

The day has arrived, and you are so excited to finally start
the wedding you have dreamt of.

We help you to pick the right place to stay.
Offering all comfort and relaxation you need for this day.

Your trusted makeup artist paired with some relaxing bubbles and your best friends around will keep the spirit of the day.


Meanwhile at the venue....

When you know that you work with professionals.

Our entire Crew is working from early morning to bring the magic to life.
All requirements of furniture, decoration, flowers,
installations are coordinated in detail.

With years of experience we have collected the most passionate
and trustable partners to create the wedding as you imagined.


And the Flowers....

Your wedding needs to be special and you have seen so many amazing ideas on Pinterest and love to realize all of them. But where to start?

Giving you the best support we arrange personal meetings with the Florist and our Catering Team from the first opportunity onwards.

Showing you a wide variety of images will help to imagine your wedding better. In combination with the final venue and your preferences a first sample drawing can be prepared shortly.

Our outstanding tableware and finest textiles will serve as the perfect accessories to the event. The power of lights will uplift the entire colourful combinations and paint the perfect picture.


Welcoming Bites...

Whenever you meet a new person in your life
the first impression is always what remains.

Inspiring your guests with spectacular finger food.
Uplifting immediately the welcome experience.

Hand cut Tuna Tartar served on smoking dry ice or
Wild Boar Bresaola with Shrimps prepared under a glass cloche,
incorporated with smoke from Apple Tree Wood.
Our Premium Finger Food is definitely from another world.

Be curious and discover as well our creative welcome drinks.

Walnut Boards for Service - Copy.jpg

Photo shooting...

The ceremony is over, it's time to take pictures with your family and closest friends. Experiences of a lifetime should be captured.

Every Photographer has a different style and it is crucial to choose the one matching your taste and inspiring you with never-seen angles.

We have already pre-selected the best professionals for you which makes it easier to make a quick decision.


Dinner can start...

Let the spectacle and wow effect begin with outstanding food.

Not to forget that we have always more service employees than you asked for.

None of your guests will be missed out and our CEO takes the pleasure
to announce the dishes personally at your table.

Your family and bests friends will be welcome with the same
open arms as I would do for my family.


Dining Experience...

Mario Tóth Executive Chef of Terra Catering embodies
the highest quality on every single wedding.

Imagine how you can impress your guests with
a never seen dinner like this.

Simply the porcelain options and the fine food ultra-freshly prepared at the venue make your guests feel like in an excellent Restaurant.

Not to forget that we have stunning vegan and vegetarian
menus which are just magical and surprisingly different.


Time to Party

After finishing this excellent dinner it's high time for you to rock the dancefloor. Everybody is in a good mood and your live band
or DJ is giving the right tone.

Great musicians are pure entertainers always up to keep the
people moving, and we love how creative they can get.

Be assured that we get you the best party maker in the city
which keeps you dancing until next day.


The Cake...

Another Highlight to come. Expectations are high and your guests want to cheer and take pictures when you slice the cake.

Following the same quality philosophy, we are proud
to offer you natural flavoured cakes in various designs.

Even the flower decoration is made from eatable flowers
or handmade sugar formed and designed objects.


A successful event...

...comes to an end. The team of Terra Catering has been on your side for the last couple of months and we have been living many emotional times together.

We never commit to more than one wedding per week to entirely concentrate on your needs.

We can only thank you for your trust in choosing our services for your wedding and a personal connection between us will stay forever.


By your side

Terra Catering has the personal touch

Every wedding is an emotional travel for us on the side of the bride and groom. Our quality measures guarantee that only you are in the focus.

Exceeding our client's satisfaction will let us deliver only a limited number of weddings per year. We ensure being fully available for your needs with a constant listening ear and delivery with results in a timely manner.

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