Premium Plated Events

Terra Catering offers the leading First-Class Event Experience for Served and Plated Events.

Quality Service

Every event is a prestigious occasion to showcase our capabilities

Exceptional Service, Outstanding Food Quality and Design such as the wide range of flatware in Hungary. Terra Catering is extremely passionate about staging culinary events at the highest level.

Mario Tóth, Executive Chef of Terra Catering elevates Quality and Design to a truly fine dining experience. Discover unique dishes prepared with the greatest knowledge of cooking technique and the art of plating.


Trending and innovative food

Exclusive and premium catering services

Terra Catering stands for innovative and creative food design. Striving for outstanding visual effects while keeping food understandable without losing our quality measures.

There is no compromise when talking about Quality. We hand select the finest ingredients and source partly our products from local farms.


Impressive Event Design

Discover a wide range of creative flatware matching your style

Our table settings are exquisite and special and meet every taste you are looking for.
Select out of the widest choice over flatware, colorful glasses, elegant cutlery sets, and textiles.

We create breathtaking and unique memories. Adapted to every mood and style we can source the most outstanding flatware in Hungary.


Friendly service employees

trained for every single event

Well-Trained Service is in the core of Terra Catering. Before every event, we give an exact briefing to our employees about the requirements. Well trained to your expectation. Our designed uniforms and well-groomed appearance will guarantee for an elevated service experience.

For each event, we proceed with Service Training to guarantee a clear understanding of our Service Standards. A grooming stylist ensures prior the beginning of the events that our employees are in best quality shape.


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